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1. Coinspot
Havent got a @coinspotau account yet? sign up with my referral link and get $10 worth of #bitcoin for free!\ \

2. Food game
Have you seen the food game yet? its a fun game you can play while surfing and advertising online. it also lets you advertise and build downlines in all the participating traffic exchanges - currently 315 of them!

3. Hungry for hits
Hungry for hits is one of the best traffic exchanges, and its a site with personality, exclusive features and lots of active buyers. brand yourself, have fun surfing, chatting, create your own unique splashpages for sites and get great results.

4. Spinnn winnn you spin it you win it2day
Spinnn & winnn , thats all to thi$ folks , no bs only buy what you want/nice page !!!

5. Ai is here 2 stay like it or net artificial guru
Ai=artificial guru$$$ , they will think for you & do things 4you , you just have to be in control !!!

6. Ezclix club
If you need more traffic for your offers, \ \ or just better quality traffic, heres a \ \ brand new site youll definitely want to \ \ check out.

7. Gotbackup
Home business opportunity to market digital backup. powerline closes weekly at midnight (cst) on wednesday!

8. Create a funnel with your favorites
This is an excellent strategy that has been\ \ around for years. create your own downline building splashpage with\ \ your name and picture. you can add between 2 � 10\ \ of your favorites, as well as a short text (up to 255\ \ characters) in the text

9. Dycelex
Check out my website. this may be a good fit for making money

10. Clickbank monet vine
You can lead a horse to water... but you cant make him drink. likewise, i can lead you to the success and freedom that youve been dreaming of... but i cant make you click the button below and get started now.

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